Try Using These Apps to Market Your Business On the Go

Regardless of the industry you are in, marketing is the main driving force to increase sales and traffic to your business or brand. If you are not already an established agent or brand, developing further self-education on various new marketing tactics should be a prime focus to become a magnet for new business. It is no secret that many forms of media have gone digital. The overall objective of marketing is to get a message in front of your prospective client. Leveraging the views of users on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and TikTok can take your business to the next level with time and consistency. 

While creating content can be a tedious task, there are 4 go-to apps I use daily to make content on the go. I do recommend purchasing Adobe Creative Cloud and learning the programs InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, and Premiere Pro for more intricate videos or images. 


The GoDaddy Studio app was formerly known as Over until Go Daddy recently acquired it. This mobile app is the main app I use to create quick videos and photos. While working from my laptop I use InDesign for photos and After Effects for short videos. It is worth noting that I have recently upgraded to a MacBook Pro after years of using a MacBook Air to match the performance output needed to use programs on Adobe Creative Cloud. Prior to the switch I experienced frequent lag or occasionally lost progress on projects altogether. This is partly why the studio app is worth the $100 a year to me (and yes there is a free version to download.) Now let’s weigh some notable pros and cons…


  • Ability to upload custom fonts in addition to the large assortment already included
  • Logos can be uploaded for branding content
  • You can search stock images direct from app via Unsplash and Pixabay
  • Layers are easily adjustable while also allowing users to lock pieces in place
  • You can save custom color hues to stay consistent with branding
  • One of its newest features allows for the removal of a picture’s background
  • Library of unique graphics to add some character to projects
  • Other customizable options include changing transparency percentage, ability to add shadows, and a “nudge” button to increase precision while moving text or collateral


The only negative review in my opinion is that the app does now allow you to add multiple videos.


            Virality may be a content creator’s overall objective. It is important think of social media as a platform to barter the time of users in exchange for them paying attention to your pieces of content. Once you’ve got a viewer’s attention what will you do with it? What call to action are you trying to establish? There doesn’t always need to be further intention beyond a post however if you knew videos gained more traction than a photo which would you prioritize creating? The launch of TIKTOK provided short videos with more dominance over photos regarding content development. Instagram has combated their competitor by the creation of “reels.” Each person or brand’s social media strategy may vary but the utilization of videos should remain a key component to stay relevant. These videos can be produced on your own or leverage the likeliness of preexisting videos out there that may produce an emotion causing the reaction for the user to LIKE, SHARE, and/or COMMENT. These 3 actions taken by the viewer will communicate to the algorithm that your content is relevant to keep more users coming back to the platform and will reward you be sharing your post to more viewers! The apps I use for saving videos are FoxFM and REPOST. FoxFM allows you to save videos from Facebook you may come across to repurpose into a meme. There are multiple REPOST apps so I suggest finding one that allows you to save raw videos free of any watermarks. It is also important to give credit when credit is due while sharing content by tagging the originator. 


            This app may be one of the most valuable micro investments to save time while texting! It allows you to save custom copy that you use frequently. As simple as it sounds it has saved me a ton of time while dealing with a mass amount of contacts that I have developed over the years in the Las Vegas nightlife and real estate industry. In the app you simply create custom keys attached to the desired copy that will be automatically populated via text. The first 5 custom keys are free and will prompt to a paid version if more or unlimited keys are needed.


Let’s connect to go over your real estate goals and how I can help now and in future. My goal is to develop a long term relationship to help you develop your portfolio over time.